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This is the main page for my Angel fanvids. If you want to link to them, please use the main page and not the video files themselves. Do not host or redistribute my videos without permission.

Do not use clips from other vidder's works in your own vids. If you really have no idea where to get source, email me and I will point you in the right direction.

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I Am, I Said Title: I Am, I Said
Format & Size: QT (13.0 MB)
Music: Neil Diamond, "I Am, I Said" (lyrics)
Summary: Spike just wants to be heard.
Spoilers: Season 5
Date Added: 4/22/06 (Although it was made for the Vividcon "Lord King Bad Vid" party in August of 05; I've just been slow posting it.)

If I Had It All Title: If I Had It All
Format & Size: QT (12 MB)
Music: Dave Matthews Band, "If I Had It All" (lyrics - coming soon)
Summary: Wesley convinces himself to go on.
Spoilers: Seasons 1-3
Date Added: 1/24/05

Kate! Title: Kate!
Format & Size: Large WMV (24 MB) | Small WMV (8 MB)
Music: Ben Folds Five, "Kate (Ska Remix)" (lyrics - coming soon)
Summary: Angel thinks Kate's a little weird. Made for the A:tS End of Days project on LJ.
Spoilers: "Sense and Sensitivity" only
Date Added: 11/29/04

One Moment More Title: One Moment More
Format & Size: RM (7.0 MB) | WMV (6.0 MB)
Music: Mindy Smith, "One Moment More" (lyrics - coming soon)
Summary: An angsty look at Wes' and Fred's last hours together.
Spoilers: Season 5
Date Added: 5/28/04

Little Fall of Rain Title: Little Fall of Rain
Format & Size: WMV (2 MB)
Music: From the Broadway CD of 'Les Miserables' (lyrics - coming soon)
Summary: Lorne/Puppet!Angel - OTP 4evah!!!11!!1!
Spoilers: "Smile Time" (Season 5)
Date Added: 2/28/04
Shown: 5/15/04 at the James Marsters Live! event in London, UK

Muppet Babies Title: Muppet Babies
Format & Size: WMV (2.0 MB)
Music: The Muppet Babies, "Muppet Babies Theme" (lyrics - coming soon)
Summary: Puppet!Angel reminded me of something...I wonder what it could be.
Spoilers: "Smile Time" (Season 5)
Date Added: 2/20/04

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