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(AKA Awards I've Won)
Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback, nominated me, voted for me, or otherwise supported my vidding career.  I sincerely appreciate the fact that you like the vids enough to say something about them. 

"Moving On"

June 2003 Judges' Choice Award
Moving On - Judge's Choice
The Buffinator Awards

June 2003 Runner Up - Best Video
Moving On - Runner Up
The Buffinator Awards

Best Finale Vid
Moving On - Best Finale
Nummy Treat Awards

"Your Woman"

September 2003, Runner-up Most Unique & Best Music
YW - Runner-up
The Buffinator Awards

"So Sad, So Lonely"

July 2003 Best Character Vid
SS,SL - Best Character
The Buffinator Awards

Best Spike Character Vid
SS,SL - Best Spike Character
Nummy Treat Awards

"At This Point In My Life"

August 2003 Best Romance Vid
ATPIML - Best Romance
The Buffinator Awards

Best Video, Summer 2003
ATPIML - Best Vid
Vampire Challenge

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