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This is the main page for my fanvids from the new Battlestar Galactica. If you want to link to them, please use the main page and not the video files themselves. Do not host or redistribute my videos without permission.

Do not use clips from other vidder's works in your own vids. If you really have no idea where to get source, email me and I will point you in the right direction.

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President of CrazyTown Title: Let's Go Crazy
Format & Size: DivX AVI (37 MB); for deaf & hard-of-hearing fans, we're providing a subtitled version as well: DivX AVI (37 mb)
Music: Prince, "Let's Go Crazy" (lyrics & notes)
Summary: Gaius Baltar doubts your commitment to sparkle motion.
Spoilers: Through season 3
Date Added: 7/4/08
Note: Made with Laura Shapiro. First published 8/17/07
Shown: Premiered at the Vividcon 2007 Club Vivid show

Tigh Title: Hello, Tigh
Format & Size: Quicktime (7 MB)
Music: Louis Armstrong, "Hello, Dolly" (lyrics & notes)
Summary: Tigh is back where he belongs.
Spoilers: Through the end of season 3
Date Added: 7/04/08
Note: First published 4/1/07 as April Fool's vid

Cylons Title: Fix You
Format & Size: DivX AVI (34 MB)
Music: Coldplay, "Fix You" (lyrics & notes)
Summary: They just want to help.
Spoilers: All of seasons 1 and 2
Date Added: 10/30/06
Note: First published 8/15/06
Shown: Premiered at the Vividcon 2006 Premieres show

Lee and Laura Title: A Day Like Today
Format & Size: DivX AVI (32 MB)
Music: Tom McRae, "A Day Like Today" (lyrics & notes)
Summary: All I ever say, and all I ever do, is just a message to you
Spoilers: Through "Home, Part 2"
Date Added: 10/30/06
Note: First published 6/17/06 for the Lee-and-Laura Fixathon

Lee and Kara Title: Cold Cold Water
Format & Size: DivX AVI (54 MB)
Music: Mirah, "Cold Cold Water" (lyrics & notes)
Summary: Lee, Kara, and the distance between them.
Spoilers: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2
Date Added: 5/19/05
Note: Remaster with DVD source published 11/23/06

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