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This is the main page for my Firefly fanvids. If you want to link to them, please use the main page and not the video files themselves. Do not host or redistribute my videos without permission.

Do not use clips from other vidder's works in your own vids. If you really have no idea where to get source, email me and I will point you in the right direction.

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True Love Title: True Love
Format & Size: QT (18 MB)
Music: Mason Jennings, "Sorry Signs On Cash Machines" (lyrics)
Summary: Wash and Zoe's relationship isn't perfect, but it makes them happy.
Spoilers: Just the tv series
Date Added: 5/18/06
Note: First published 12/30/05

Exile Title: Exile
Format & Size: RM (13.6 MB) | WMV (10.4 MB)
Music: Enya, "Exile" (lyrics - coming soon)
Summary: A look at Inara's self-imposed exile from Mal, and her conflicting desire to be with him.
Spoilers: All episodes
Date Added: 4/4/04

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