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Muppet Babies

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So, after watching the Angel episode, 'Smile Time,' I was talking to catatonic about wanting to do a vid for it.  And she suggested the 'Muppet Babies' theme song.  And thus was this vid birthed in a four-hour clip-laying frenzy.  It is the fastest vid I've ever made.  And the goofiest.  Much, much goofier than 'United States of Spike.'     
Song: Muppet Babies Theme
Artist: The Muppet Babies
Description: Puppet!Angel reminded me of something...I wonder what it could be.
Format: WindowsMedia (.wmv)
First Pub'd: 2/20/04

Muppet babies
we're making dreams come true
Muppet babies
we'll do the same for you
When your room looks kind of weird
and you wish that you weren't there
Just close your eyes and make-believe
and you can be anywhere
I like adventure
I like romance
I love great jokes
Animal dance!
I have my computer
I swing through the air
I play the piano
And I have blue hair - ha!
Me I invent things
Meep meep meep meeeeeep
Is everything all right in here?
Yes, Nanny.
Muppet Babies
we're making dreams come true
Muppet Babies
we'll do the same for you
Muppet muppet muppet muppet
babies babies babies
make dreams come true

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